An interview with Zahir Khudayarov

So last week I was lucky enough to get talking to Zahir Khudayarov in a video call with my coach Dean.

We are friends on Facebook and he regularly likes some of the stuff I post so I figured why not do a blog post about him and he and his wife Anna were all for it! Zahir is probably now best known for his 505KG Raw squat which looked like an early warmup. Truly a superhuman! Definitely will be doing a youtube video with him in the future!

Anyway we will fire away with the questions that i asked Zahir.

-When did you start powerlifting and why-

Zahir went onto saying that he began powerlifting at the age of 15 and that his main sport had actually been sprinting. Once he had been given the go ahead by his coach he was allowed to weight train which is when he began a bodybuilding/powerlifting style of training.

-What style of training works the best for you-

He said he has his own type of programming which is based off the Russian old style of programming but its with his own twist and it changes every three months which includes a blend of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

-Favourite competition and why-

GPA worlds in Austrailia where he fought Lilliebridge and Dan Green. The fact that there was such big names at it made it his favourite. GPA is where Zahir actually set all his big records.

-What does it take to squat over 500KG-

He initially didnt understand the question and hie wife Anna eventually helped him out with the translation but i loved the tangent he went off on so I will include it.

He went on to say how he likes that Lilliebridge and the rest of his competition cannot squat near his number and how the fact that they’re not just behind by 5KG or 10KG but its by a huge number. He then went on to compare it to Mike Tyson in his fights where he kept knocking out his opponents and was so clearly the best. He just wants it to be so obvious that he is the best and of course it is…

He highlighted the importance of rest and nutrition Mentioning that he eats an average of 3KG of meat a day. He said above everything he says confidence is the most important thing of all. He then told me how he now hopes to go on and squat 550KG in 2017 and I absolutely believe he will. There’s something amazing about his level of confidence and its really refreshing to see someone with such strong self belief.

I believe in myself. Many people are afraid but I am not, inside it tells me that I will make it and I will motherfucking make it..Zahir you will get it” -Zahir

-Have you ever tried equipped lifting-

At first when there was now raw lifting he did try it but one day when he was benching 300KG in his familys gym in Azerbaijan it was only his brother spotting him and he ended up dropping the weight on his jaw and breaking it completely! He was in hospital where they wired his teeth together and as soon as he got out he was back in the gym training again! From then he stopped with the equipped lifting but he did remember his best equipped numbers. He only squatted in briefs and they didnt help him at all only squatting 380KG and benching 250KG and pulling a 382.5KG deadlift at 110KG bodyweight!

-Would he ever come to ireland-

Once there was a big competition he would..Powerlifting is not so big in Finland so he has to travel alot to compete anyway. Hopefully we will be seeing him competing on irish soil very very soon!

-Whats next for Zahir-

Zahir is currently in talks with a Finish rock festival about hosting a powerlifting event at it. It is a very big festival so the crowd would be huge. Offeseason training has begun and he will be aiming to squat 550KG at this festival. But for now its just offseason and no competing until this festival next summer.

-Does he have a coach-

Zahir does all his own coaching. He has the same crew at his training sessions but nobody tells him what to do.Only he decides what he does but his wife is a doctor and can help him with his nutrition.

He then went on to highlight the importance of powerlifters and bodybuilders having a doctor close by for all the internal and external issues that they may face. For him his wife Anna said that he will usually have pains in his body that she will have to give some attention.

-Signing off-

Why does he want to do 550KG? Because he wants to show the equipped lifters that he can do more than he can do raw! He believes that everyone can do their best numbers raw and that they should start from the beginning and focus on weaknesses from the early stages instead of leaning on equippment .

I absolutely cannot thank Zahir  and Anna enough for giving me some of their time they were absolutely lovely and I know they would have chatted to me for hours had I not been so conscious about keeping them too long haha!

What I took from my talking with them?

I absolutely need to push my squats alot more…300KG squat is not a great squat! I’m after 400KG as soon as possible and hopefully over the next 3 years before im out of the junior class!!

Nutrition needs to be far more structured and I need to pay more attention to offseason and the likes.

I really want to begin competing abroad! Simple as..

12 days until i hit the platform again.. Stay tuned for some phycotic posts haha!