The road to a 200KG bench at 21.

I guess this more of a “bro” post but it is one that really holds a big place in my life! For some a 200KG bench is fuck all but to me at 21 years old its something I really want to have and own.

I’ll just give you all a backround on my training and where I began.

My parents would not let me start training until I was 16 and that was okay because that’s when most of my friends started training anyway!

Not to mention the months before I started I was having severe back problems due to my weight.

I stepped into probably the worst gym you could probably imagine in Drumcondra Co. Dublin and my training began there. My first ever time touching a weight hitting 100KG for five or six reps! Happy out!


When I started out training at 16 in July I was 125KG and really badly overweight so I was advised by a back specialist to lose a lot of weight or else my back problems were going to leave me really fucked up. That’s not quite how he put it but it was something along those lines anyway!

So began my vicious spell of the most retarded dieting known to man… some days hitting a mere 250cals!

I also took up running big time and would run 40km three times a week and 10km every other day while still doing 2hrs of rugby every day and my own weight training after that!

On top of all this I also thought going to Holland and Barret and buying about 20 tubs of random tablets and taking 4 of each a day was a good idea.

Long story short something went wrong and I needed bloods done and I nearly was on kidney dialisis as a result of the dieting and H&B abuse..

When I had to show the Doc all of the tablets it turned out I was even taking stuff that was meant for womens periods haha so I was made look like a right tit!


So my bodyweight was down to 72KG from 125 so I had dropped 53KG/117LBS in around 3 months and I was skinny as fuck. It also is probably what led to all the serious injuries in the following years but no regrets!

I was still strong and when I was just about to turn 17 I hit a 170KG benchpress at that 72KG bodyweight so it was huge for me!

But for the next couple of years I couldn’t bench properly because of my knee surgeries so it plataued big time!

When I was 18 I popped my shoulder in a rugby match but continued to play that full season while dislocating it a few more times. To be fair the pain of it was unbearable and I never got a nights sleep as a result of it! It got so bad that one day when I was squatting I actually popped it out trying to get the bar down my back.


So my training stopped for the rest of sixth year and I was booked in for a shoulder reconstruction the day after my leaving cert finished…fucking fantastic summer ahead!

Had my ball and socket remade and a labrum re-attatchment so I was all good with a few plates and plenty of screws and the expected recovery was 6 months until heavy benchpressing and a couple months in a sling.

Tits to that and I was banging out 20 reps of pushups after 2 days and then benching 130KG 4 weeks after surgery.

Fast forward a year of 2 more knee ops and no leg drive and then my training starts going really well.

Teaming up with Eamon and getting some really havy pressing going and eventually getting a PB in nationals in march with 182.5KG as my third attempt bench.

Few months later im competing under Dean Gartland and my bench is jumping up. (Dean in my opinion being the best coach I have ever come across)Went to Battle of the Boyne at the end of july and put on a really poor performance and really let myself down but it was on me and thankfully I know its part of the game so it probably had me down for around an hour haha! Numbers I hit there were a 280KG squat(piss poor) a 192.5KG bench and a 280KG deadlift.

After that performance I decided I wasn’t finished with competing for 2016 so I entered the IPO charity meet and I will absolutely be shooting for that 200KG bench and fuck it I will probably get emotional but that’s sport for you.


-Do it with passion or don’t do it at all-


I am currently 18 days away from my next competition and I genuinely feel that the bench is there. I know it is and I will make it my little bitch.

Obviously my plans for my bench are to be as close to the mid 200s while still a junior (3 more years) so we will just have to wait and see.

This Powerlifting is way more of a mental battle than some people realise.

Everyone can go lift weights but it definitely takes something extra to be a Powerlifter. What that is I am not quite sure but im trying to figure it out!

I think I will leave it there for today.

Feedback on the last post was really really good so if you want more let me know and hopefully you will all continue to enjoy my shite talk.

Xoxo Killian


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