First blog post

Who is Killian Carolan?

Fuck……Lets start from the beginning.

I should also add there will be a heap of spelling/punctuation errors because at this stage with so many knocks to my head it’s a miracle I can tie my shoe laces!

I am the youngest of eight kids in my family and I grew up in a very normal part of North Dublin for my whole life.

Music was a huge part of my life and still honestly is. I met some amazing people while I played and it gave me amazing opportunities to travel at such a young age.

My family are an incredible bunch of people and definitely are a big reason behind why I’m as driven and as focused with my goals as I am.

I was schooled in North Dublin for part of my childhood and then eventually made the move to a small primary school up the road from my future secondary school probably so that I would be prepared for the HUGE cultural difference between such an affluent part of South Dublin versus where I was from.

Took me a while to adjust to my new surroundings but of course puberty decided to hit me with all its mercy and next thing I knew I was 110+KG at the age of 11…Fantastic!

I actually had around nine times the testosterone levels I should have at that age which probably Is what led to me looking like a ten year old forty year old…


I began secondary school in Gonzaga college knowing literally nobody but I actually managed to get on quite well thankfully because I followed my minimal interest in rugby and turned out to be quite good at it so I would have always been in the “cool crew”.

I was never too good in school academically purely because rugby took precedence but I definitely had the potential to do very well but my focus was very very poor which of course caused a few concerns from teachers in the school and not to mention my parents! In Gonzaga it was all about academics and honestly not much else!

For me it was all about getting the keys to the gym from the Cleaners “Danny” and “Ben” and locking myself in there and getting some sick pumps on haha..

We took our rugby seriously but never got that far.

I loved the sport but had far too many knee/shoulder surgeries to continue, the final one being 2 months away from my leaving cert so it was time to actually focus on the books.

Somehow I passed and it was genuinely a miracle but still low considering how well all my siblings did but they were as happy as I was that I had passed.

But it still was something for me to be proud of even though it would still be looked down on by some of my year but fuck it…cant impress everyone!

When it came to the time of deciding about college I still didn’t want to go and had absolutely no interest which of course caused trouble at home which I can absolutely understand because all my family were extremely high achievers and at this point I wasn’t powerlifting or training at all really. Eventually we made the decision that I was going to repeat my leaving cert which really didn’t last that long as my training really began around then.

So on I sat through the classes for a few months all the time just thinking of what I really wanted to be doing and that was what came after school.

I would get home and get a fuck load of food into me and wait for my good friend Jack to come over to my house and we would sit and chat bullshit and we would eventually go down and get a couple of hours training done.

It was structured to a degree but Jesus to this day I’m still shocked neither of us came out with some sort of serious injury hahaha.

Fast forward to the end of 2014 and I’m competing in an idfpa push/pull. Worst decision of my life! No atmosphere and they immediately turned their nose up at me for coming in as a newbie and hitting what to me were average numbers! (250KG dead 142.5KG bench)

Moral of that story… fuck the idfpa don’t even waste your time with them hahaha.

Anyway I’m going off track here but sure look you clearly are like myself and have nothing better to be doing than being on a blog but I love you all for being here.

Fast forward to Febuary 2016 and I’m getting my final and most horrific knee operation after which I wont ever do a bodyweight squat ever again as a result of all the surgeries…

But of course the stubborn side of me came out and within 6 weeks I was squatting over 140KG!

I kept at my training and eventually competed in Boyneside strength in Drogheda in an IPO push pull and hit alright numbers again. (162.5KG bench 255KG dead)

From the moment I stepped in Boyneside I knew its where I had to train in order to succeed in this sport and not to mention how everything seemed to click so well going out with steph too haha!

Madly now I’m actually working out of Boyneside and I view all the staff as family so for me as a 21 year old its definitely a different life than most will have!

So as you can imagine I have lost contact with a lot of my old friends which is a shame but for myself the most important thing is my training because when I told my parents I wasn’t going to college I told them I was going to make it work so I sure as hell better make shit work now or ill look like a massive tit!

I said I’d just do this as a little intro to my blog series if it is to even be a thing I guess I will just have to wait how well it is received!

Feedback is always cool but hopefully I took you away from reality for a few minutes in which case I guess it worked haha!

That’s all for tonight fuckers

xoxo Killian


5 thoughts on “First blog post

    1. I hopefully will have enough stuff to write about but there is definitely something very therapeutic about switching off and just typing for a while!
      Hopefully you will return for my next instalment Linda and thankyou so much for the kind words! Xoxo Killian


  1. A great read . You are such a lovely guy and deserve to do well and make your folks proud which I’m sure they are . We’re not all academics but some of us still do ok 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Sonia!
      Ah once I’m happy they’re happy I think!
      I definitely don’t shit on academics like obviously it’s important but I just didn’t get on too well in that regard!
      Hope you will stay tuned for more of my blogs !:)


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